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woo... long time - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
woo... long time
It's snowing again. The only reason I don't want it to is that I bought these ice break mats to put on my back steps, and I can't do it if there's ice and snow on them. It's been so cold this week that the ice that was deposited there on Tuesday is still there, so I haven't wanted to put them down.

Max was gone for a couple of days, but when I came home from work on Tuesday, I called out to him and heard this "mrow?" from the neighbor's garage. Their floor has settled, leaving a gap under the door, and he was in there sheltering from the cold. He went straight downstairs when I opened the door -- poor guy must have been starving. Dangit, cat, if you'd stick around the area you'd hear us when we call! I'm supposed to be getting a bonus this week, so that's going straight to the vet for his initial checkup. I bought him a cheapy pillow at WalMart to use as a kitty bed, because he had no comfy place to sleep in the basement, and when I went down to check on him last night, I saw white hair on it, so that means he's been using it! Yay! I'm such a softy. Can't wait to get him upstairs.

I have one bag to finish, one I haven't started yet, one other scarf to finish, and a hat to make for Christmas. I think we're getting my dad a game card for his computer, and then we need gifties for Wolfie's nephew, brother, and stepdad. I might make a pair of mittens or something for Michael (the nephew); I dunno.

I got my car fixed again last week; I'd been having an issue with the axle on the right hand side, and I took it in the day after Thanksgiving after work. $110 and 45 minutes later, it was all fixed. I love these guys. The work is good, it's quick, it's relatively inexpensive (though maybe my issues were minor)... and as I told Wolfie, it makes me feel like I'm part of the neighborhood -- which takes some doing, being that I don't speak Spanish. It's very cool.

I love my new schedule, though I gotta say, it was nicer working 7-3 in Lowell -- I could get to yarn shops a lot quicker. :-) Tonight they're open a little later, though, so I'm stopping in on my way to Household Night down in Mass. I'm so stoked; I don't have to leave early to get to work! I just have to leave in time to get into bed. ;-P

Life is getting better-ish. More ish and ish all the time.

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