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thought bites
As soon as I have insurance, I need to go see a doctor about my blood sugar. I need to know if it's a blood sugar spike that's making me sick, or if it's my two co-workers smoking in the doorway to the office (IT DOESN'T GO OUTSIDE, PEOPLE!) that makes me nauseated every day. I wish it was just the smoke, since part of the reason why I quit was so that I wouldn't smell like smoke any more, but it's probably sugar. Gonna have to start baking again, this time with Splenda, so I can have snackies.

I took Max to the vet yesterday. He was SO good! He was shedding a lot because he was nervous, but he never cried or bit once, and he only struck out at anyone when he was in pain. Turns out that he has an abscess on his leg, which I think he's had for a while and just recently broke through the skin. The vet shaved the area and he was really good about holding still for that, and then he got upset when she was squeezing the icky out of it.

Since it looked like a puncture wound, he needs to be quarantined for 6 months for rabies (there's no test for it that doesn't involve cutting his head off), and then he can be vaccinated. Since we want to have him neutered anyway, the vet suggested that we get that done and then she can flush out the wound on his leg at the same time and start him on antibiotics. I wasn't expecting to spend all that money at once, but he'll only have to be neutered once, and the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can bring him upstairs.

Everyone at the vet's loved him, because he's so handsome. He's huge, too -- 13 pounds! And he kept purring the entire time, even while they were squeezing on his abscess. I was very proud. The vet thinks he's young, too; only a year or two, because his teeth are in great shape. He comes home Friday. Tonight I need to go down and grab the pillow he was sleeping on and bring it up so Matilde can get used to his scent. I'm looking forward to having him home and upstairs with us; it'll be nice to have the two cats together (if Mathilde doesn't pull a nutty...).

In other news, my friend Hascouf has agreed to carry my sword for me in my wedding. This makes me very happy. Wolfie and I discussed the order of service last night, and I think it's going to be very cool. There are details to be worked out yet, but at least we have the elements in place.

Busy week, and I still feel oogie. At least my knitting's almost done, and I've got a gift on the way for Wolfie. Could be worse.

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amarins From: amarins Date: December 11th, 2003 12:04 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Our cat has been neutered a few days ago. He didn't suffer at all from the operation, and the next morning he was racing around the house again! 13 pounds, that's huge indeed! Morpheus is only 6 pounds...
1 trip or shoot the rapids