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help tasha clear out her kitchen!

My mom gave me a lovely new set of dishes for Christmas, to replace the perfectly-good-but-heartily-sick-of-it set I've had for the last 20 years. Because they're perfectly good, they're up for grabs.


This is a discontinued pattern called "Country Violets". Right now I have seven dinner plates, seven bread and butter plates, eight bowls, four cups that match the off-white pattern, and two blue ones that coordinate. I may be able to find the other dinner and bread and butter plates; I think they're in another room in the house. There may also be other cups in the cupboard that I haven't found yet; my kitchen cupboards are problematic for a person my size. You may also be able to find replacements on Replacements.com, as well other coordinating pieces.

I also have a set of stoneware that needs a good home:


The bands look like they're black, but they're actually a deep, deep cobalt blue. I have four each dinner plates, salad plates, soup plates, and saucers, and three teacups. Again, when I get to look into the other cupboard from a step ladder, I may find the fourth cup.

ETA: The stoneware is provisionally spoken for; if my friend decides they don't go with her set, I'll relist them.

They're free to a good... or middling... or even shitty home; just get them out of mine. Willing to deliver within a 50 mile radius of Lawrence MA, or meet you halfway, or at an SCA event. Whatever. If no one wants them, they'll go into my mom's church's yard sale in the spring.

I have other dishes that are on top of the cupboards that I'm not sure I've ever looked at; when I get up on a stepladder and evaluate them I'll know if they're something I want to keep. I also have a set of ceramic canisters that need to go (they're too small to do me any good), and when I get them down I'll post them up as well. I'll probably also have some glassware -- nothing special, but it'll hold a beverage -- and a couple of vases.

So... anyone want some dishes?
Tags: cleaning, clutterbomb, getting things done the tashabear way

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