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been a while. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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been a while.
So. Work is getting busier. I'm getting more directly involved with projects, to the point that I'll be checking an estimator's email on Monday, looking for bids coming in. I like it, but remembering which sub I'm chasing for which job is a little overwhelming. As I figure out how to frame the information in my head for retrieval, it'll get better. I'm enjoying being busy, though.

Karate is less busy. It's the end of summer, and I've had two weeks in a row with no students on Friday. I don't actually mind that, because I do understand that it's August and people are wringing everything they can out of the summer before the kids go back to school, but I need to start taking advantage of that time to practice. I actually have quite a bit of new black belt material that needs touching up.

The fall tournament is in 98 days, so I need to practice for that, too. Kevin (my instructor) recommends that I do a fairly long form called Honsuki; apparently it has 100 moves. I have the first 25 or so, and I already love it. I'm very excited for this one. He also suggested that I do our spear form for the weapons division. Few people do that form, and he said that the last time he competed in a WMAF tournament, he won with it. I'm less excited about the spear form, mostly because there are a couple of pivots where I stick to the floor because I wear rubber-soled shoes on a rubber mat. It makes me feel awkward and I dislike that.

Honsuki having so many moves, most of them hand strikes, makes me concerned about my upper body strength. I don't want to lose my juice before the end of the form. Without regular mandated PT, I've lost a lot of strength, and I need to remedy that. So I downloaded a 30-day fitness challenge app, and I intend to start Monday. Luckily for me, there are "easy" push-up and crunch challenges, because the standard challenges culminate with so many reps it'll take me an hour to get them done. I have 98 days, so I'll be able to ramp up as needed.

I really hope I can stick to the fitness challenges. I want to be stronger. It's time to start supporting my sore joints with stronger muscles (though I should probably add a glucosamine supplement as well). I won't be able to keep up and survive a test for my second degree black belt, whenever that happens.

Killed the battery on my bike the other day by leaving the key switched on; my mechanic was able to salvage it for me and it's running better than ever. I even reinstalled the battery while wearing a dress. It's ridiculously inconvenient not having anyone nearby who can help me get both my vehicles back where they belong (because of course this happened while anyone I could possibly ask was out of town), but my mom is amazing and came to get me at the dojo and then came out today to give me a ride to the office so I could pick the bike up. It was a beautiful day, but I couldn't wait to get home and take my boots and jeans off.

So yeah, that's pretty much my life. Time for bed.

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