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yogurt and granola

So here is how I make yogurt. Some people like using a crockpot; I prefer the stovetop because my pot won't crack in an ice bath, plus it's easier to clean.

Things you need:

  • Big pot

  • Thermometer -- I use an instant read thermometer, as I broke my candy thermometer

  • Jars -- I use 6 oz Ball or Mason jars (they might be 8 oz), as they're single-serving size and I'm more likely to eat my yogurt if I'm not dirtying dishes to do so. You need more capacity than you think; the milk expands as heated and a gallon will make an extra half pint to a pint

  • Canning Funnel -- not strictly necessary, but makes life SO much easier

  • Ladle -- More necessary than the funnel

  • Milk -- Can be any type: whole milk, 2% or skim. I like whole or 2% for yogurt, but I made it with skim for my mom and she loves it

  • Starter -- If I don't have any of my own yogurt, I buy a small pot of Stonyfield Farm plain. It's got active cultures in it and is very good quality

  • Whisk -- again, not strictly necessary, a spoon will do, but it incorporates the starter nice and fast

  • Cooler -- must be big enough for a single layer of jars

How to make it:

  • Pour milk into a big pot. Make sure you have room for it to expand, as it does when heated. Heat to 185dF. Stir now and again, but *do not* let it boil. Prep an ice water bath in the sink as you wait.

  • When it reaches 185 degrees, move the pot to the ice water bath and let it cool to 120dF. Prep the starter while you wait (ie, open the container).

  • When the milk has cooled to 120dF, add the starter and whisk or stir to incorporate.

  • Fill the jars. I usually leave about a quarter inch of head space. If you want to add a lot of mix-ins (fruit, granola, etc), leave more space.

  • Put the jars in the cooler and add enough hot tap water to submerge the jars up to the level of the milk. Try not to submerge the jars completely; if they aren't sealed you don't want to risk getting water into your yogurt.

  • Cover the cooler with a thick towel and put it somewhere out of the way. I put mine in my tub.

  • Ignore for 6-8 hours, or overnight. You can check it, but don't touch it for at least 4-6 hours. It won't set if you play with it.

  • At the end of the incubation period, the milk shouldn't move when you tip the jar on its side. Refrigerate and eat when chilled.

I have to go back to work, but I'll add a thing on how I make granola when I get a chance.
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