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observation - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
I washed the tub with Soft Scrub tonight. I've disliked Soft Scrub since my language arts teacher in 6th grade made us wash the desks with it at the end of the year to get the graffiti off, and we couldn't rinse them well enough to get the scrubby residue off. Gross feeling.

But it just sliced through the soap scum like a sharp thing slicing through a soft thing, and it doesn't look like the same tub. I's all proud of me... I was almost domestic.

Come to think of it, I've been very domestic tonight. I even made dinner for myself. From scratch. Okay, maybe it was just a couple of egg salad sandwiches, but they were dern tasty. And I made them with my own two little hands. That counts as domestic.

Wolfie took me to the eye doctor on Friday for a long overdue exam and new glasses. I've been experiencing some retinal floaters. They look like little gelatinous spots that I can see when I look at a very bright sky, and I can sorta make them "dance" by moving my eye around and swirling around the vitreous fluid inside my eyeball. It can keep me amused for five, even ten minutes at a time. The doctor was concerned about them, because I'm a little young to have them, so she dilated my pupils to get a better look at it. This, of course, made me incredibly photo-sensitive, so it's a good thing Wolfie drove -- it was a bright day and I'd never have made it home.

It was wicked hard to focus. So much so that it made me nauseous. The doctor told me that it would take a couple of hours to wear off, but the headache and nausea lasted for hours. Wolfie had to work Friday night, but when I told him about the killer headache that I had and that I couldn't find any Tylenol, he came home from work and brought me some. My hero! :-D

The doctor wants to see me again in a couple of weeks to check out the floater again, which means more dilation, more headache and nausea. But this time I'll have spiffy-doo sunglasses... the frames I picked out come with these sexy little clip-ons. Not like your grandpa's big-ass thingies that he could flip up and down at will; these clip on over the lenses. They're neat. Not only are they totally cute frames with the sexy little sunglasses, but they're Kawasaki frames. Goes perfect with the Kawasaki motorcycle we have in the garage. Muahaha.

I dicovered tonight that we both really need to learn Spanish, though. That bottle of Tylenol Wolfie brought home for me? The directions are all in Spanish. I must have turned that bottle around three times looking for the English version. There ain't none. Far as we know, we're the only non-Latino people in the neighborhood. I had a year of intense Spanish in high school and 12 credits in college, and quite frankly, Spanish is the easiest language I've ever studied, but then again, my prof told me that I have a facility for languages. At the very least, I'll know how often I can take this Extra-Strength Tylenol.

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delusions From: delusions Date: May 2nd, 2002 12:14 am (UTC) (base camp)
Howdy howdy, fuzzy bunny. I was just perusing your journal and had comment. Floaters are normal. As your vision changes, you'll see more of them because of the distortion of the lens in your eye, but they're harmless

And softscrub sucks. My father once made me and my sister wash the kitchen floor with it and never did get it all off. Then again, we never skipped school again, so I guess it was a damn good punishment.

On the other hand, the floor always looked dirty after that and was slick in some spots. So ha ha on him. :)
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