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wolfiesong - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
No, I haven't taken leave of my senses and started singing. Wolfie's the karaoke nut in the house, which is cool, because he's a great singer.

We went back to his old stomping grounds in Fitchburg this past Sunday, to a bar that's owned by a lady who ran karaoke shows he used to go to way back when. I think I mentioned it... Sazerac? (The name has something to do with New Orleans and cocktails... don't ask me; I'm doing well to spell it.) Anyway, the place was jammed, and Wolfie sang "Werewolves of London" and his signature song, "Try a Little Tenderness." He was terrific... I really enjoyed both tunes. I got up and danced to this one guy who sang Travis Tritt's "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" -- tore up the floor doing the Tush-Push (yes, it's a real country line dance! Quit sniggering), and tore up my lungs in the process because the room was wicked smoky and I am frighteningly out of shape. I had fun, though, and Wolfie was so thrilled to be singing again he was downright giddy. Then again, the SoCo and Diet and the SoCo shot he was drinking might have helped, too.

By the time we went to leave, he was "glowy" and it was snowing, so I got to drive the truck home. He got that truck in July, we've been together for a year, we've lived together for almost four months, and it's the first time I've gotten to drive it. Hardly surprising, though; it's a 2001. It's fun to drive, though, and I got us home through a nasty little snowfall without a skid or a scratch, so I'm sure he'll let me drive it again... in four or five months. (Love you, honey!)

After I got home from karate last night, we went out to a different club for karaoke -- a place in Peabody called Avanti. They're running a contest where the grand prize is a Rolls Royce. Nice-looking car; not new by any means, but I bet it'd fetch a tidy sum on eBay. For once, karaoke was almost totally pleasant to listen to. Only one guy was a not-good singer, and there was one girl who butchered "Love Is A Battlefield" (didn't really know the song) and another who destroyed "Voices Carry." Not only did she not really know it, but she belted the lines that should have been delivered quietly. Note to karaoke singers: When the line is "Hush hush/Keep it down down/Voices carry," do you really think that that is an appropriate time to show how powerful your voice is? I think the chick had only one volume level.

Anyway, Wolfie sang "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" and did pretty well. The pitch was off on the machine or something, because at one point he didn't sound as good as usual. Then he did my favorite of the songs I've heard him sing: "Whole Lotta Rosie," by AC/DC. Shame that the place was empty -- last time he sang that he totally brought the house down.

Wolfie made it to the quarter-finals (no surprise to me there!), and he'll be contacted in six weeks or so about when the next round will be contested. I think we might go back next week, if he's not working; the show was fun, the guy has lots and lots of songs, and it's a lot closer to our house than Sazerac. Sorry, Ann.

I do love to listen to him sing, though.

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