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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
Oh, and the to-do list?

  1. find the hardcopy of my spinning handout
  2. make copies
    I found my old hand outs and had enough of them
  3. get hand sewing needles and edge binding at Joann Fabrics
  4. buy meat pies so we have some for dinner and I have some for lunch tomorrow
  5. tidy the back seat of my car (I'm taking my spinning wheel so I have something to do in the afternoon)
  6. make spindles
  7. bag the fiber I'm giving out
    and if there's time
  8. hem my dress
  9. braid and affix straps
  10. drop the hem of my shift

    Bleah. Need to go potty, get diet coke, and get to work.
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goingdriftless From: goingdriftless Date: February 21st, 2004 07:02 am (UTC) (base camp)
My god! I hope I do that well on my list today! :)
Ummmm... of course that means... I should make the list! Ha!
1 trip or shoot the rapids