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teaching - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
I love to teach. I don't know if I could stand teaching school, though. But craft classes, oh my yes. I taught spindling again this past Saturday, at Novice Schola in Bergental. The ride out was all right, despite my having gotten only two hours of sleep the night before -- insomnia hit me hard last week. I stopped off at my mom's house for about thirty minutes, which was fifteen minutes too long, to pick up a pair of boots she was giving me (fleecy warm Rockport boots, to replace my old pinchy ones. She'd bought a half size to small some time ago).

As a result, I was running late when I got there, went straight up to Elwynne (the autocrat), and said "I'm supposed to be teaching right now. Where's the sanctuary?" Bless her, she took me right there, and lucky for me, no one was waiting. I got to drop my stuff there and go change before anyone showed up... SCA time, dontcha know.

It was bloody cold in there, let me tell you -- I di something I never EVER do and left my jeans on under my garb. I hate wearing mundanes with garb, but sometimes you just have to do the necessary so as not to shiver while you're trying to talk. Soon I hope to have my extra layers made and my leggings finished so I won't be so cold! (This from a woman who tends to not feel the cold till it's 45 or 50 degrees.)

The class went well. As usual, they were too hard on themselves... and the poor fiber. I can't remember if I told them to hold it like a baby bird; sometimes, it's the only way to get students to hold it gently enough to draft. I was guilty of it too -- it takes a little practice to realize that you are not doing the spinning itself. That's done by the spindle. You are only there to pull out fiber and feed it to the twist that comes hungrily up the single from the spindle. I think they got it by the end of the class, though. I demonstrated how to ply, and that was about that.

Of course, the class I was teaching was up against the one I really wanted to take: a class in handsewing by Kass McGann, someone I really respect as a re-enactor. I already know how to handsew; her class was supposed to also cover sewing with wool and linen thread. There's a trick to it, and I'd like to know what it is before I try and get frustrated. I have her email addy, though, so I'll just drop her a line and get the info that way.

Let's see... I went to another class she taught, "Authenticity 101" -- both informative and entertaining. I took an hour off, brought in my spinning wheel and watched the Intro to Rattan Fighting class while working on spinning up the yarn for Eleanor's mittens. Then I went to Baron Adhemar's Persona Development class, which was also much fun. Both his class and the Authenticity 101 class made me want to work on my persona and authenticity more... all I have to do is pick a period. I've almost picked a century... almost...

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