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what are friends for?

I'm house-sitting for a friend in New Hampshire. She, her husband, and another couple trailered their horses down to Gulf Wars, and I'm looking after Eleanor's dogs while Marcus's brother looks after his and Alyce's.

It started snowing while I was out getting gas in my car and food. I almost didn't make it back. Thank goodness for front wheel drive -- but I didn't want to go out again. I drove two or three miles in 2nd and 3rd gear.

Then Alyce called -- from Mississippi, mind you. Marcus's brother's truck wouldn't make it up the hill from the next town, so would I go get him? Marcus's Subaru is here at Eleanor's so they gave me permission to use it, since it has all-wheel drive. I didn't bring any boots up here, so I had to wear Eleanor's, and her feet are easily two sizes bigger than mine.

So anyway, I had to go back out, in boots that don't fit, driving a car that isn't mine, which is low on gas, to a place I've never been, to pick up someone I've met once.

In a blizzard.

Everything turned out all right, but oy! I'm pooped. Sore throat too. Early to bed tonight, I think.
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