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baby gansey update #7

The front is complete, up to where I need to start the neck shaping. Tomorrow I retrieve my book, finish the neck shaping, join the shoulders, and pick up stitches for the sleeves. I'm two days ahead of where I expected to be. I could conceivably have the sweater done by the weekend.

I'm slightly boggled by this. My speed has increased exponentially since this time last year -- but then I didn't know how to knit and purl continentally. I'm pleased, because it shows growth as a knitter, plus it means I can whip out baby gifts in no time. Now a child's Norwegian sweater is daunting only monetarily. (I'm gonna keep telling myself that, anyway.)

I've done a lot in seven days, especially considering that I didn't really get much done on Sunday, and it took me five hours just to cast on the first day. This is good. I think I might have to do ganseys for Daniel and Rachel now, too. And of course for me. :-)
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