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baby gansey #10 and other assorted crap - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
baby gansey #10 and other assorted crap
Well, the lovely ladies of advanced_knit have assured me that babies have ape arms disproportionately long arms, and so I ripped the sleeve of the gansey back to the last pattern repeat, picked up the stitches, added an extra repeat, did the garter ridge, and drove on with the stockinette portion of the show. I have about 3/4 of an inch left to knit before the ribbing, and that'll be done. I should get that done in short order tomorrow at mom-in-law's house; maybe pick up the second sleeve, too.

I didn't get further on it yesterday because I was at my sister's house in Maine, making my invitations. They came out extra-super-nifty, and I am officially in love with them. She, being the paper-crafty person that she is, helped me stamp the response cards and emboss them, and has this spiffy tool that let us score the invites themselves for easy folding. We even printed the return address on the envelopes. They're gorgeous, and I can't wait to send them. I found supah-kewl stamps, too; if I don't do breast cancer awareness stamps I'll use these. (I'll scan the rest of invites when I get a chance.)

I decided that I'm going to use calligraphy to address them, and I was practicing a little with my new nib and holder tonight. I'm not used to using a dip pen; I need to remember to blot a little on a bit of napkin or paper towel or the first letter after I dip looks blobby. Otherwise I think it'll look nice; I'm using sort of a modern Italic, because my Uncial isn't the best and because I want the postman to be able to read it.

Okay, bed now... must get up and shower to be social in the morning. Yay.

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