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more shiny pretties - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
more shiny pretties
...but these are sharp. Ish.

We just picked up our swords from Silvermane, up the road in Haverhill, and they're just spiffy. We got these, the costume-grade Viking swords. We didn't need combat-ready steel, thank goodness, because these are less than half the price of the repros. This one fits in my hand better than the back-up model, the S-hilt (Sven didn't have the Viking models in stock when I first asked). I wish I felt confident in changing the cheesy faux leather wrap for the real stuff, but I don't want to screw it up. I guess I'll just manage, though I may mention it to Wolfie when he wakes up.

So that's it, the last of the big "stuff for the ceremony" purchases. We have fabric, we have rings, we have brooches, we have swords. I still need to make or buy beads for the swags between brooches (I have some amber for me, and my mom has this string of garnet beads she could use, but I'd like something else and my sister needs something. I think there'll be an order to Fire Mountain Gems sooner rather than later.

We got fabric to make banners today, too. I want five of them: one with the Dooley coat of arms (but with no frou-frou mantling, and the stag's head needs to be bigger), one with the Sawyer family coat of arms (again without the frou-frou), one with my arms, one with his (we need to make some for him), and one representing the two of us. I thinking "Per pale argent and sable, a wolf and a bear combattant counterchanged" (the field is divided vertically, white on the left, black on the right, with a black wolf on the white and a white bear on the black, each standing on one hind leg, as if they were fighting (which also looks like dancing)). I only have to make the banners themselves; Wolfie said he'd paint them. Thank goodness for that; I can't make the time to paint, too.

I need to make a to-do list...

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