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to-do list - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
to-do list

  • Finish serging fabric
  • Finish washing and drying fabric
  • Cut and sew smocks
  • Cut and assemble dresses
  • Fit dresses and do finish work
  • Draft cutting pattern for tunics
  • Cut and sew tunics
  • Wash canvas
  • Cut and hem canvas for banners
  • Address invitations
  • Mail invitations
  • Finish writing ceremony
  • Write vows
  • Have nervous breakdown
  • Acid etch bowl
  • Finish writing program
  • Print and assemble programs
  • Plan picnic
  • Create schedule and disseminate
  • Have second nervous breakdown
  • Get marriage license
  • Get officiant's license for him
  • Have third and final pre-wedding breakdown
  • Get married
  • Eat lots of wedding cake
  • Pass out from sugar crash
  • Never ever do this again

i feel: anxious anxious

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