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more diagrammaliciousnessage - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
more diagrammaliciousnessage
(How many suffixes can you cram on to the end of a word before it becomes utterly unintelligible? Three, apparently.)

I made another diagram. Apparently I need three yards of 60" fabric to make a smock (I could get by with 2.5 yards, though). It's not quite as encouraging as my tunic and apron dress layouts, but it is a bigger garment all the way 'round.

Every time I make another diagram, I'm mentally bitchslapped by a random Scottish ancestor saying "Will you just look at how much fabric you wasted every other time you made a tunic!" I'm ashamed and contrite. All I have to say in my own defense is, "Look at how much more I can make out of all the extra fabric I thought I had to buy!"

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