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shoulda woulda coulda - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
shoulda woulda coulda
Tomorrow is the day I actually get some sewing done. Well, cutting. And some cat hair removal. I left the door to my workroom open and failed to cover the fabric I had on the cutting table, and Mathilde made herself at home. And I need to do some ironing, too; I got some Magic Sizing to help the linen keep it's shape while I cut it. I'd like the pieces to be at least a little on grain...

Today is the day I should have done all that... except the ironing, because I didn't have the sizing yet. I have my project bags, too; I can now buy 2.5 GALLON ziploc bags. Putting each project into it's own bag, with all the pieces labelled may seem a little bit anal, but it really helps me keep things organized. Disorganization when sewing is a sure-fire way for me to fuck it up. Ask me about sewing pants together wrong three times. In a row. On a serger.

And sometimes between now and the weekend, I need to go to the post office and pick up postage for the invites, as well as figure out if I'm going to add any notes about the nature of the ceremony or anything like that.

I can't wait for my prents and my sister to get back from their trip. I've taken a lot on, I know that, and I'm really feeling the pressure, and I want to talk to someone about it who understands about what I'm doing to myself, and my mom and my sister get me in that way without me having to explain it or feel self-conscious about it. I miss them. Poor me.

I also have to see if the fabric that I just bought is in fact wide enough to use with the pattern layouts I drew, because otherwise, it's back to the drawing board for me. I get the feeling that some of it shrunk in the washer and dryer (you shoulda seen the lint!), which is why I pre-wash in the first place. But it could have shrunk enough to render my drawings invalid, and that would be Bad. Or at least Inconvenient.

Aaaand, I need to buy new lightbulbs, as both of the bulbs in the basement have burnt out and it's dark as pitch down there and I need to use the washer to finish pre-washing my fabric.

God I'm boring lately. I need to get a fucking life.

i feel: aggravated aggravated

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