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partial strikethrough on the to-do list - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
partial strikethrough on the to-do list
I ironed most of the French blue linen-cotton tonight. Ten yards of ironing is a lot, especially when you basically have to do it twice -- my ironing board is not as long as my fabric is wide. I'd love a heat-resistant pad that I could put on top of my cutting table, so I could iron the whole width at once. I bet I could make one -- 1/4" plywood, cotton batting, heavy cotton cover. I could make it in parts, and use it for a blocking board, too (no sense dragging out a great big surface to block something small on).

I still have to do the other side, so there's still a lot to do, but that's all right. I'll do it in the morning. At least this is the largest piece I have to do. My red, Dad's lake blue, and Wolfie's green are all five yards, and Mom's purple is three. Easy peasy compared to ten bloody heavy yards of fabric.

So there's that. No message from Her Grace on Wednesday, so I'll assume there's no meeting on Thursday. I'm seeing her on Tuesday for sewing, anyway, so I guess I'd better get off my ass and get something cut. It won't take all day to do the tucks and hem on my red wool dress, so I guess I'll cut a couple of smocks and have those ready to put together. I'll have to ask her how she does the transfers on her embroidery; I'd like to do something quick on the tunics to dress them up.

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