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lost kid found - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
lost kid found
He wandered around Broadway (Rte 28 through Salem, NH, Methuen and Lawrence, MA) all night, in the rain. He was like 7 years old, for chrissakes! He apparently wandered away from the adult who was supposed to be looking after him while the kid's mom ran an errand, and it took them all night to find him. He was cold and wet, but grinning at the fucking TV cameras all the same. And now he's been taken by DSS and his mom's been arrested on "unrelated charges." Feh. I napped all afternoon because I was so wiped out from getting awakened at three ayem. Dang, I hope I get the job I interviewed for, or I'll really be cranky.

i feel: irritated irritated
i hear: Klaus Badelt - Walk The Plank

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