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for lanie_lou

This challenge involves math and simple geometry, and includes the concepts of costs per foot (or yard) of material.

So you decide that you want to build a Viking-style a-frame tent.

First you start with the dimensions.
Your tent will be 10 feet wide by 12 feet long by 10 feet high at the ridgepole.

How much floor space do you have? 120 sq ft
(Extra credit: If you are 6' tall, how far in from the base of the wall must you be in order to stand upright? (I don't have a scale with me to figure it out right now, but it's about 2.5 feet.)

You will need 4 gable boards, 2 thresholds, 2 ground poles, and 1 ridgepole.
The gable boards must extend 18 inches beyond the ridgepole.
The ridgepole must extend 4 inches past the gable boards on both ends.
The thresholds must extend 6 inches past the ground poles on both ends.
The ground poles must extend 4 inches past the thresholds on both ends.

How long are...
... the ridgepole? 12'8"
... the gable boards? 11' (close enough)
... the thresholds? 11'
... the ground poles? 12'8"

You also need to cover the tent in canvas. The only canvas you can get is 60 inches wide. Given that it needs to loop around the ground poles (lengths of 2"x4"), how many linear yards of canvas do you need? (Don't forget, you need doors!) Round up to the nearest yard. 27 yards -- there will be scrap

Assuming that you use the same type of lumber for all the pieces of the tent frame, and it costs $0.63 per linear foot, how much will it cost to build the frame?

Assuming that your canvas costs $7/yard, how much will your canvas cost? $189

You decide to paint the gable boards using milk paint, which comes in packages of dry pigments that you mix with water. Each package is $10.99, and you want to use 4 colors, so you need 4 packages. You can't get it in a store, so you have to order it online, and the company charges you $1.50 per package for shipping. How much does it cost you to buy the paint? $49.96

What is the total cost of this project? $304.48

You can only work on this project on the weekends. It will takes you a total of 28 hours to complete. You can only work 4 hours on a Saturday and 2 hours on a Sunday. If you start the project on Saturday, May 1st, on what day will you be done and ready to go camping in your new tent? Saturday, June 5.

I'm pretty sure that my math is correct. Normally, I'd draw everything out with a scale and make sure, but I can't find it right now, plus it's 2am. The numbers are fudged a little bit, because there's more to sewing a canvas cover than drtaping canvas over the poles, but I didn't want to get into seam allowances and so forth. Anyway, thre you go; hope they have fun with it (if it's not too terribly advanced).
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dellenn From: dellenn Date: April 28th, 2004 11:13 am (UTC) (base camp)
*waves* Hola fellow SCAdians from Atlantia!
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