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So. Bored. Wolfie's gone to the RMV to get the bike registered,… - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
So. Bored. Wolfie's gone to the RMV to get the bike registered, and then to band rehearsal, so I don't expect to see him till 8:30or so. I just had half of a yummy ham n cheese calzone, so I'm not hungry. I should go downstairs and sew.

I should.

Really. I should go.


Here I sit.

But I do have to go to the bathroom, and that's not only downstairs, but on the other side of the house. So if I close everything and log off, that should be incentive to stay down there and sew.

And later I need to iron my red fabric and cut out my dress. And maybe sew it together so I can do alterations tomorrow.

So. Here I go.


i feel: bored bored
i hear: Great Big Sea - Barque In The Harbour

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