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little bite-sized pieces o'progress -- wolfie's tunic - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
little bite-sized pieces o'progress -- wolfie's tunic
The side panels are assembled and the seams there that can be finished, are finished. (I've decided that it will make me less crazy to do it this way, since the seams won't be disintegrating as I handle them.) Some are finished at one end because that end needs to be attached somewhere else, and then that seam finished, and it just makes the whole process easier. Trust me. It sounds wonky, but it works.

Three out of four side panels are attached to sleeves and those seams are finished on the panel side. I need to finish the sleeve side about an inch and a half down, so that I can attach the sleeve to the body, but that can wait a little while.

After the panels are attached to the sleeves, those get set aside while I sew the shoulders together, do the neckline, and finish those seams. I'll probably do a rolled hem on the neckline; a faced hem will basically require that I go around twice: once to sew in the facing, once to finish the edges. With a rolled hem, I'll get it all done at once. Then I attach the sleeves/side panel assemblies, and then the gores. Normally, I'd attach the gores to the side panels before they ever got attached to the sleeves, but with the little screw up in cutting the side panels, I want to be sure I set them in the right position before I spend the time stitching them in. Then one long push, up the underarm, and hemming.

It's not as bad as it sounds, I promise. I have to be more firm about keeping Max off my lap in the evenings, as I can't work with him there. He's keeping me company again, though, and guarding me from my purse. :-)

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