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do the next thing
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Went to see Blade II with Wolfie last night. It was good... the story seemed tighter than Blade, but I didn't enjoy the action as much. It was artificially speeded up, and in one fight scene, fake "blurring" was added in post-production. Wesley Snipes doesn't need that crap to look good in a martial arts sequence -- he has amazing moves. Then again, maybe his opponents did.

We practically had the entire theater to ourselves. When the lights went down, there were three couples. When the lights went up, there were two. Wolfie told me that the couple across the aisle from us left when it started getting really gory. For crying out loud, it's a vampire movie! What do you expect, dancing marshmallow Peeps? I can only surmise that the guy talked his lady into seeing it, and she made him bail when the going got rough. Fuck that noise. I say bring it on! I laughed at the end! I like that stuff. I must admit, if I was prone to nightmares, there were a cople of things that would be excellent fodder for them, but good grief... it's only a movie!

Today's cool link is Falconrose Leather Masks. I'm itching to get one to use to decorate the sitting room. That can wait till we have our futon and the other, larger pieces of furniture in there, though. I'm so looking forward to that...

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bellatrixx From: bellatrixx Date: April 17th, 2002 12:02 am (UTC) (base camp)
That mask site is cool. I want the Isis mask that is coming soon. Awwwwwwwww yeah.
1 trip or shoot the rapids