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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
Riding was phenomenal tonight. Wolfie rode Spot, and he did so well cantering! Spot needed to be woken up, and Wolfie's gradually getting aggressive enough to do that, but he looks so relaxed and secure in his seat! Spot wanted to really go, and Wolfie rode out his fussing like a pro. I was so proud!!

I was on Cherokee again, and she was just an angel. She did everything I asked, no fussing, and did the most gorgeous transitions from the walk to the canter than I've ever seen her do. I gave her extra treats for that. I cantered in both directions with only one hand on the reins -- I practice that way since all of the stuff I do with the SCA is with one hand on the reins and the other holding a weapon of some sort. Wolfie wants to ride her next week, if I'm riding Junior.

She was so cute while we were tacking up... there's a new gelding in the front field named Lance, and he's a spectacularly gorgeous black. He was nosing through the window into her stall, leaning right over the electric fence. They were touching noses... looked for all the world like they were kissing! So cute, even though they shouldn't have been doing that.

Mathilde was a hero-kitty this morning sometime. She caught and killed an eville mousie! And of course, she left a war trophy on the sitting room floor... At least she didn't spread mousie-guts around. Looked like a quick, clean bite to the back of the neck. I contemplated chopping off its little head and sticking it on a toothpick in the front yard as a warning to all the other eville mousies who would invade our house, but that seemed a little over the top. And I don't have any toothpicks. I took a picture of the dead mousie, all the while praising her for being such a good kitty and killing the mouse. I'm not sure she understood what the fuss was for, but then she's a pretty practical cat.

I have an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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