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honesty, and the pitfalls thereof. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
honesty, and the pitfalls thereof.
I try to be honest in my dealings with companies who interview me as a temp. Sometimes that sabotages me in that I don't get the job. Well, that's all to the good, I tell myself; if they don't want the person I am, I wouldn't be happy there anyway.

But when it's a no-brainer maternity leave coverage, and the girl interviewing me tells me up front that it's going to be slow and quiet, then why oh why oh WHY, when I ask what can I do without getting in trouble during those slow times, do I get shafted and told that I'm "overqualified and would probably get bored"? I know I'm fucking overqualified. I have two college degrees and could probably do her full job in my sleep. I know I'll get bored. But if I can surf the web without getting in trouble, we're all good. And she made it sound like I had the job, that I'd be starting Monday. This job was supposed to be 30 hours a week, but it was going through July, which would carry me up to Pennsic. But because I was honest, I got fucked.

Why does my professional life have to be a choice between employment and integrity?

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