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first/last/now meme - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
first/last/now meme

First job: Harvard Pharmacy
First screen name: fridayjones
First funeral: my grandmother
First pet: English Springer Spaniel named "Cinder"; I was 3. I don't remember him. First pet I remember was the family cat, Callie.
First piercing/tattoo: None, though I may get a tat someday.
First credit card: 1989. Last one, too.
First kiss: Kevin, as a skating meet in VT
First enemy: David Koch, in 3rd grade. He paled in comparison to my freshman year roommate Cheryl, though.
First favorite musician: Kenny Rogers


Last car ride: Home WalMart.
Last kiss: Wolfie kissed me goodnight.
Last movie watched: Lilo and Stitch
Last beverage drank: Diet Coke
Last food consumed: Choklit cake. I'm having cravings (no, I'm not pregnant. Quite the reverse.)
Last phone call: Called my mommy for Mother's Day.
Last time showered: Yesterday.
Last CD played: Play by Great Big Sea
Last website visited: LiveJournal


Single or Taken: Taken
Sex: Female
Birthday: October 4
Sign: Libra
Siblings: younger sister, Gail
Hair color: Brown, but going VERY silver-grey
Eye color: Hazel (brown/green)
Shoe size: 8
Height: 5'5"

Right now what are you...

Wearing: Jeans and blue shirt with dragonflies on it
Drinking: Diet Coke (sensing a theme yet?)
Thinking about: finding a hotel for my wedding night
Listening to: computer noise and me typing.

i feel: blah blah

shoot the rapids