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further adventures of ger - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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further adventures of ger
As of Sunday, we have everything drilled, ripped, and stained, and we started tying it together with leather lace. That's tedious, but not difficult at all.

While we're working on that, we'll also be building a steambox with which to make a bent rattan roofring (plans available on request, and does anyone know if you can still buy metal gas cans? If not, I need to figure out another way to produce steam and get it into the steambox). The roofring, or toono, will be 48" in diameter for a 16' ger, made in two pieces so as to prevent warping and twisting.

The ends of the 7'4" rafters will have threaded rod inserted into one end at a 30 degree angle, which will insert into corresponding holes in the roof ring (when the rafters are up, the pins will be parallel to the ground, so that the roof has a 30 degree pitch or thereabouts. (That's another beef I have with the plans for the yurt in TI; the roof is WAY too steeply pitched. Look at pictures of gers in Mongolia. The roofs aren't nearly that steep.) The other end of the rafters will be notched to set into the tops of the khana.

Other than that, the only woodworking left will be the door, and that's downright straightforward when compared to everything else. :-)

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