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spring weather - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
spring weather
It's raining. Maybe that'll knock down the pollen and let me be more comfortable tomorrow. Then again, I plan to spend at least some of tomorrow in a movie theater (Shrek 2!), so maybe that'll help, too. The theaters out on 114 have stadium seating, too, which is nice and comfy -- we had great seats for Hellboy. (Wolfie didn't want to see it; he wanted to see The Punisher, but it got such lousy reviews, he agreed to see Hellboy with me.) Looks like we'll have our pick of times, too. Nifty.

Speaking of nifty, I finally got to see "Once More With Feeling," the elusive Buffy musical. I think I'll need to rent it on DVD, just to watch it through without losing bits when I cut away from their commercials. I also missed some lines, and I want to be able to hear the whole thing. It was really well done, though I'd love to know if everyone did their own singing. Seemed like it -- Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters have really good voices, as well as each of them being dead sexy (no pun intended on Spike's part). And Amber Benson (the girl who played Tara) was excellent! Sarah Michelle Gellar's voice was a little weak, but at least it was in tune.

I gotta get back to the gym. I want to drop this excess weight, knit myself a sexy tank top, and buy those hott Caterpillar boots that I lust after. I want to get a decent job so we can buy Wolfie a new bike and I can have his... and so I can get a new helmet like his (his is black; I want silver or wineberry).

Mine's only three years old, and hardly used, but the flip-front would make it so much easier to put the helmet on while wearing glasses (my full-face helmet requires me to take my glasses off, put the helmet on, and put the glasses back on, which sometimes ain't easy). And I want to learn to do custom paint -- I have this idea for the tank that would be so kewl, and it would be even kewler to know how to do it myself (not to mention easier, as I wouldn't have to describe it). It seems a little silly to want to paint the tank on a bike that a) isn't even mine yet and b) is almost 20 years old and c) isn't even close to being a muscle machine, at 305 cc's, but hey, I wanna. It's either that, or buying all the stickers I find with flip sayings and sticking them on in a semi-ironic post-junior high collage (which would only get ruined when I dripped gasoline on them the first time). Or living with the red, which wouldn't be so bad.

Does anyone know any legit training courses (not the study-at-home schemes) to learn to repair and tune sewing machines? I'd love to learn, and I just know it would make any number of people love me dearly (and possibly pay me money, and hopefully both). A website I just read says that there's decent money to be made at it, and I'd even be willing to buy old machines at thrift shops, refurbish them, and sell them on through eBay -- especially now that there's a UPS store nearby. I just think I need to take a break from office work for a while. People are getting on my nerves. I don't mind being at home alone all day; it's being home alone with nothing (well, only one thing) to focus on that's bugging me. I think that the prospect of a little shop*, with a workbench, a TV, and a computer would be swell. Maybe someday... (my favorite refrain)

*It'd have to be in North Andover or Methuen. I'm not sure I'm up to opening a business here in Lawrence.

I sometimes wonder if I'm not wasting my degrees, thinking about this sort of scheme, but if I'm not happy working in an office, toeing someone else's line, then Something Must Be Done. If that means a workbench and fiddly tools, then so be it. After all, my grandfather repaired watches for fun. Fiddly, attention-consuming stuff is in the blood. You should see my dad working on guns and calculating loads for bullets, or my sister quilting or making cards, or Mom making a cake. I think Sis and I require more varied stimulus than Mom & Dad do; we both like to have TVs on while we work, while they can work in silence and isolation, but that may be a generational thing, too.

The more I think about it, the more attractive the idea seems. I'll have to run it by Wolfie, see what he thinks. See, I found this website that sells a book on sewing machine repair as a home business, but it's $60. Is it worth $60 to see if this is something I could reasonably do? If it worked out, it'd be a hell of an investment, but if it didn't, it'd be $60 that could have gone elsewhere. Bleah. Maybe I'll talk to Mom about it, too. She knows that I'm not terribly happy in an office environment. Heh... I should look into this street's zoning, too; see if I could work out of the house. Ponder ponder...

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From: nutter4 Date: May 21st, 2004 03:00 am (UTC) (base camp)
if I'm not happy working in an office, toeing someone else's line, then Something Must Be Done.

In the same boat. You've got the advantage in that it's somewhat easier to a)start and b)make a faster profit in the US than the UK; it may be worth doing a bit of research on the market for sewing machines if blowing $60 on a course is a bit steep. If it turns out there's a market, go for it.
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