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forgot to mention - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
forgot to mention
I went shoe shopping the other night, and picked up a pair of these. I think I'm probably going to wear them for the wedding, and if not, then at least I can wear them at Pennsic. I wore them tonight when we went out to the movies, and they look great with jeans, though as usual when I wear sandals my toes feel all exposed and I walk in fear of stubbing my toes or getting sand in my shoes. I'll get over it; I just haven't worn sandals in a wicked long time. If it's warm enough, I'm going to wear them Sunday at my Mom's. It's supposed to rain, though, so we'll see. Maybe I'll go back to Filene's and see if I can't pick up a cute pair of casual sneakers; my runners are just shot and dirty and ughlee.

We saw Shrek 2 tonight. The reviews are right; it was even better than the original. The textures of the animation were amazing, the storyline was really cute, the pacing was just about perfect, and it was jam-packed with timely pop culture references -- too many to grasp in one viewing. And as usual, people started leaving as soon as the credits started to roll, and missed a crucial bit of wrap up. They did it in Hellboy, too. Gotta get the soundtrack; they have some covers of some songs I really dig. Much fun. I think we'll get the DVDs when they come out as a boxed set.

Wolfie's mom called me today; she wants the pattern for an apron dress. She's afraid she'll look out of place in the photos. I really don't care what she wears, but I have no brooches for her to use, and I truly don't have time to step her through the pattern. She says she could do it, or she has a friend who sews, but neither of them know the end state they're going for, and I fear that they'll fuck it up and end up with a schmatta of a dress. I should do a stash dive tomorrow and see if I have any linen she could use. I could, theoretically, do one more dress, but I still have nothing for smocks and no time to drive all the bloody way out to Ashburnham to fit her for it. And if she wears garb, does she want her husband in garb, too? It's a little late to be thinking of this now... Oy. My head hurts.

I have much to do tomorrow: must clean out car, alter Sis's dress, and put together Dad's tunic. Truthfully, cleaning out the car will take the longest. shudder...

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