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ger six: revenge of ger - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
ger six: revenge of ger
The khana is finished. Wolfie tied the last knot on the end pieces at around 6:30 last night. We did have to do a field repair on one stick; I think it had an unseen flaw and it broke as we were dragging it across the lawn to get the height and diameter correct. I think that's the biggest pain in the butt of the whole process. The repair went quickly, though I'll be interested to see how we fare putting in a new stick with the roof and canvas on.

We started making the door tonight, too. The jambs are finished; they have lovely tenon joints. The lintel and threshold, however, are giving me fits. The first mortise we tried to cut ended badly, and the second took forever with a hammer and chisel (though I can now say I've used a chisel without hurting myself. That'll change). Tomorrow, we return armed with a Roto-Zip and hopefully will make short work of the remaining mortises.

Next summer, a Viking wedge. That'll be a vacation compared to this. :-)

I found a source for rattan in Connecticut: http://hhperkins.com/. They even have a category for "Rattan Fighting Swords" on the front page of their website, and I placed an online order for two 8' sticks. If I don't use both of them, I can give one as a gift to one of my fighter household brothers.

I feel so much better now. Not having the rattan was a real showstopper -- Now it looks like I'll be able to finish my ger on time and even get everything stained.

i feel: relieved relieved
i hear: salsa coming from the neighbor's house

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