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I think I've slept an hour and a little bit since I went to bed at 3:30 this morning. I'm so keyed up that I can't sleep, and this is not how I wanted to be for my bridal shower. I wanted to be rested, and prepared, and look all cool and beautiful, and instead I'm going to be tired and cranky with giant circles under my eyes and my hair is going to be all frizzy because it's been raining for two days. My nightmare where I threw a fit at all my guests is going to come true, I just know it.

Wolfie is both a wonderful person and the anti-Christ in my eyes right now. He was sweet enough to go out and clean out the trunk of my car (love love LOVE the trunk space in my little Corolla!) before he came to bed (at 5am), but now he's snoring. That's my trick, dammit! He never used to snore. He's taken to freezing his SoCo before drinking lately, and that's when he started snoring (AFAIK; I may have been asleep already the other times, if there were any). Must ask him to try not doing it one night as an experiment, while heroically resisting the urge to smother him in the meantime. (Must furthermore resist temptation to write entire LiveJournal as if one were Bridget Jones.) I did actually say, out loud, "I'm going to smother you," and that got him to stop snoring for a few moments, but only a few. It wouldn't be so bad if he breathed slower, but he breathes these short little breaths, and if I tried to synch with them, I'd hyperventilate. I might then pass out, but it would be a Pyrrhic victory at best, because I'm sure I'd wake up with a pounding headache.

I just ate three chocolate Oreos (aka my sleeping pills) and I'm starting to yawn, so maybe I can go grab three hours or so. I think I will be going to Dunkin' Donuts on my way out to Mom's; by the time I get to the house, the coffee should be cool enough to drink.

(BTW, Dad's tunic is all assembled and looks fab. I'm going to have him try it on, pin for the sleeve taper, and then all that's left is the seam finishing and the hemming. I had to piece the sleeve length, and I think I even have some trim to put over the seams.)
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