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So my bridal shower was today. Just about everyone that was invited could make it; a couple of people had to leave early, though, but at least they got lunch (I think). Holy crap, what a spread. Wolfie's mom and his aunt took over doing most of the food, along with my mom's best friend, and there was a feast -- ham and chicken salad sandwiches, three flavors of excellent quiche, green salad, macaroni salad, strawberry spinach salad (recipe in a separate post), cheesecake, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, and lemon cake with lemon curd filling. Mom was pressing food on people as they were going out the door, there was so much -- and she managed to get rid of most of it!

Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time chatting and mingling -- one thing I really like about the whole shower thing is that it gets all the women from the various aspects of my life together in one place to meet and get to know one another a little better before the "big day".

(I just now realized that I dislike calling it the big day. It's a big day. I've had other big days: the day I started at Norwich, the day I was recognized, the day I joined the Army, the day I got commissioned, the day I graduated from Norwich, every day on which I tested for a karate belt, the day I had my back surgery, the day I met Wolfie... they were all life-changing moments. I realize that my wedding day is bigger than most, but I doubt it'll be the big day to end all big days. There's gotta be something else coming along.)

I got many lovely gifts. I will not enumerate, for fear of sounding greedy, but they were all lovely, they were all things I needed, and I am thrilled. I will share one gifty story, however. Wolfie's mom gave me this huge box, but it was very very light. I opened it up; it was from the JC Penney catalog store. Inside was another, much smaller box. I opened that one up. Inside that was bubble wrap, and yet another, smaller box. Inside that was the gift: a gorgeous, 2qt Le Creuset pitcher that I have coveted since I first laid eyes on it. I looked at the WolfieMom. "You used so much paper to wrap this -- why didn't you take it out of these boxes?"

"It was your present, I didn't want to be nosy and open it up." Buh? She's funny.

My sis and my mom worked their tails off to give me this day. I hope that when Sis gets engaged, I get to return the favor. She's nifty.

In sewing news... everything was just a little bit too small. Except Dad's tunic. That was a lot too small. I think I fucked up and cut to exact size instead of adding ease. No big deal; I'll just add panels on the side. I just need to rip the underarm seams out. Both the dresses I made for Sis and Mom were a skosh too small, but all I need to do there is let a seam or two out a quarter of an inch or so, and everything will look lovely. Sigh. Two smocks and a tunic to go. I think I may just make it. (At some point, someone needs to fit my dress, please?)
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