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bizzy bear - when you don't know what to do...
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bizzy bear
It's been a fairly productive day. I had to take Wolfie to work, because it's rainy and cold out, too cold for the bike. After that I went to Joann, where I finally bent my stiff neck and bought some cotton muslin for smocks. I got 7 yards of cotton that's 90" wide -- should be plenty for smocks and happy pants to wear under my dresses. I also got 3 yards of black flannel, to make pants for Wolfie. When it comes to pants, I truly do not stress about the time it will take to make them. As long as I sew them together correctly, it takes longer to cut them out than it does to sew them.

Then I stopped at Michael's and got acrylic paint with which to make our banners. I think I'll sew up the blanks tonight so we can get to drawing the patterns and painting. I think we'll have to pin them to the wall in my workroom to dry so the cats don't get on them. It's the most cat-hair-free room in the house (relatively speaking).

After that, I went to Target, and returned the one shower curtain that I got extra at my bridal shower yesterday. They gave me a gift card for the amount and I got a pair of loose-fitting shorts (aka happy pants) that I can wear under my SCA dresses, both for warmth and to prevent chafing, as well as buying the really pretty shower curtain hooks that go with the curtain and bath rug that I got. I also got a lovely soap dish, from a different line, but it's a lot prettier than the sage leaves soap dish, so I'm glad that I got this one. Now I just need to give the bathroom a good scrubbing so I can put in all the pretty things. We need more storage, too. The cabinet on the wall over the toilet is falling off the wall, and I'd like to take it down before it falls on my head while I'm doing my business. We need the storage it affords, though, so I need to find a different way to provide that. Now that the litter box is out of the bathroom, though, that'll be easier. It'd be easier still if we took the magazine rack out of the bathroom...

Then lunch, and then home... but while I was eating lunch, I got like three phone calls -- more, really, because my sister tried to call me during the height of the thunderstorm and the connection sucked. It was a little annoying, but I managed. Then home, and I plopped myself in front of the puter, and I've been here ever since, wasting time and bveing cold when I could have gotten up to get a sweater at any time. I'm a dork. (There were no light sweaters to be had at Target. No jackets. At all. It must be 75 and sunny all the time in TargetWorld.)

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