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indiana jones and the ger of doom - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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indiana jones and the ger of doom
Worked on it some more today. Popped grommets in the wall canvas, mostly. Wolfie and I set up the khana yesterday and attached the door frame, then we went to stretch the canvas around it and discovered that it was about 7 feet too short. It shouldn't have surprised me, but it did -- it was originally cut for a 14' ger, which is 44' in circumference as opposed to 50'. Anyway, I called Hascouf, the Keeper of the Canvas, and he gave me 12 more feet of canvas -- enough to finish the wall and make a door.

We got back to Mom & Dad's with the extra canvas, and went to sew it to the wall section with Mom's sewing machine (an old Kenmore with metal gears!), only to discover that there were no bobbins to be found! For the sewing impaired, this is a piece of equipment that goes on the sewing machine that one cannot do without. Without a bobbins, the machine Won't Go. Can't Go. Show-stopper... big time. We went home.

Got there Saturday about 12:30, grabbed both pieces, set up the machine, stapled the pieces together (easier than pins), and sewed a regular seam. The machine sewed like a dream; it just needs a professional tune-up to fix the tension problem, but it was good enough for me!

So I took the canvas back outside and popped grommets into one edge, so I could fasten it to the door frame. Mom was good enough to hold it for me while I tied it on, then helped me stretch it around. By then Wolfie showed up with rafter boards, and he helped me pop the rest of the grommets into the top edge of the wall canvas. They didn't end up quite where I thought they would, but I'm not upset -- things may change when we get the toono and rafters up.

Tomorrow's project is building the form for bending the rattan and steaming a piece... should prove interesting!

(Current iteration of the plans can be found at http://tasha.gallowglass.org/ger.html)

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