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back on track - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
back on track
I had Wolfie try my smock on this morning. It actually fit him pretty well, so I'm going to go with those side measurements. Now that I'm really looking hard at Birka tunic style, I see that they're pretty much a-line -- I think I was conflating the Birka style with the Hedeby style. So, his tunics will be shorter versions of my smocks. That'll be easy. Thank providence that I bought 5 yards of fabric; there's plenty left over to make the side panels.

As soon as I'm done reading my daily affirmations (the comics), I have to go take a shower, put the sheets in the wash (didn't do that last night), run to Thwaite's and pick up the sausages for Panteria, run down to Duchess Anna's and drop them off, stop at Mom's to show her my sister's bridesmaid's gift, and back up here to start packing and finish what I was doing in the sewing room.


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