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i almost forgot - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
i almost forgot
I got two kinds of burn this weekend. I got slightly sunburnt while packing (it's nearly faded now) and I got a minor rope burn on my hand when a horse I was holding stepped over his lead rope and started pulling. I pulled back, and the nylon rope slid through my hand before I got smart enough to let go. It was a little sore, and it's clinically interesting to note how the skin sort of melts and puckers, which made moving my left forefinger slightly difficult for a little while. I wasn't terribly worried about it, though. I still had skin on my hand, as opposed to the last rope burn I got, which involved open sores on both hands (Army thing).

We also got to show off the construction of our roof ring and geek gers with Master Ekk and Mistress Anna Dimitriova -- must remember to dig up their email address and send them the URL to our plans. I think some of the rafter pins are getting bent, but thus far, still show few signs of wear or fatigue after three years of use. Granted, we don't camp as much as I think either of us would like, but still... the tent is three years old! Wow.

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