tasha (tashabear) wrote,

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good v. bad @ Panteria

getting to site well after dark
really cold temps at night!
forgetting sunscreen
rope burn
sore feet because I need arch supports for my boots
getting tired easily because I'm woefully out of shape
some interesting Pennsic information

plenty of hot food awaiting us when we did get to camp
the smoothest setup yet
cheap wool from Freya = warm blankie for us
spinning in the dark and having it turn out nicely
my very own beeswax for sewing from my h'hold brother
geeking tent building
looking after things so my mistress could go play
packing dry canvas
the drive through Franconia Notch
poutine with curd cheese! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
my new minion seester!
finding silk veils in unused baskets that allow you to stay nice and warm
no drama whatsoever from anyone in the encampment
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