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oh, hey, emma - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
oh, hey, emma
I ordered some shampoo from Lush: I got Big because of the overwhelming positive feedback on the website and Trichomania both because of the positive feedback and the fact that it's a solid, and therefore easier to travel with to Pennsic. I hope they perform as well as they're billed. Anything to counteract the damage this water has done to my hair.

I think in future, if I want more Lush products, I'll go to the shop in Boston so I don't have to pay shipping. With the DNC coming to town next month, I didn't want to deal with the traffic and the security goons.

i feel: hopeful hopeful

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emmacrew From: emmacrew Date: June 3rd, 2004 12:56 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I have friends that rave about both of those... hope you like 'em.
1 trip or shoot the rapids