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where's wolfie? - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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where's wolfie?
So yesterday was a Very Bad Day. There was a raucous meeting about auction stuff for the fundraising gala at work (I'm working at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), I got bagged talking to my dad (don't get me started on his issues with technology), I was 30 minutes late leaving work because the biddies having the meeting stole my bloody phone, I got all the way to Chelmsford from Nashua and realized that I'd left my jeans at work... All in all, I was getting pretty darn ugly to be around.

Things improved once I got to the barn, though. I can't stay mad around the horses. I rode Spot, the "special-ed" horse. Dumb as a post, but very sweet.

But between the emotional drainage (yes, exactly like lancing a boil) and the physical tiredness from riding, I was too pooped to drive my car home from my mom's, so Wolfie drove and we left my car there. With this new job, I'm driving about 100 miles a day, in medium-size, hard-to-digest chunks. I'm so sick of driving I could torch my car.

Come the next morning, I get up first, so I went into the computer room to clean out my email box, and I shut the door so as not to wake him. Two hours and over 100 email messages later (most of them snarky bullshit on a garb list and non-helpful bullshit on an encampments list from someone who thinks that now is a good time to tell me that I should soak rattan for three days before trying to steam it, rather than a month ago when the info could have done me some good, and who then proceeds to tell me I don't know how to plan my time. Well fuck you very much), I get up to wake him, and Wolfie is gone. No note, no nothing. And because we don't have cell phones, I couldn't call him to find out where the hell he is.

Turns out he forgot we left my car at Mom's, and thought that that was where I'd gone... It was like when I was ten, and I'd hang out at the magazine rack while my mom grocery shopped, and she left me in the store because she thought I was with my dad at Sears. Except this time, there was no handy state trooper to take me to find Wolfie. Heh. That'd fix him, huh? Muahaha.

So he came all the way back to Lawrence to pick me up, and even with that slow start to the day, we were remarkably productive. The second piece of rattan got steamed (three hours seems to be the minimum it should cook) and put on the form with relative ease. Wolfie built an emergency roof ring out of PVC. We'll see how that goes. I drilled and set rods into all the rafters.

Tomorrow, we build the roof ring, I hope. Then we can cut and paint the rafters, and finally do the final fitting of the canvas. I'm psyched. It's down to the wire, but it looks like we'll be done in time.

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