tasha (tashabear) wrote,

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niftiness abounds

Got Wolfie's weddin' pressie tonight -- a new(ish) computer.  We're still trying to resurrect the old one, but the instability doesn't seem to be in the OS, since we just upgraded it to XP Pro.  I fear a motherboard failure.  Either that, or there's a DLL fault; there's some sort of error message to that effect on startup.  May have to take it to the gurus for a checkup. 

Now all I need is a new video card (or a driver for the old one) and I can start trying to get my machine back in order.  I think a trip to the gurus may be in order there, too.

Anyway.  I wanted to be in bed two hours ago, and I'm cold.  I go sleep now, and try to warm up while simultaneously keeping my hands off Wolfie, because they're COLD!
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