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little man, i've had a busy day - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
little man, i've had a busy day
Woo.  Did much running around today.  Expensive day, too.  Gas prices are down slightly, which is nice.  But I ended up buying beading stuff I didn't need (may be able to return some of it), and then more beads, and stuff for favors, which I wasn't going to do but now I am, because I'm a sheep, plus lunch and dinner and a box of tampons I wouldn't have needed if I was capable of planning ahead...

On the plus side, I spent a really lovely afternoon with my friend Moira, learning some basic principles of beading, and we came up with some really pretty designs for bead swags for me and Sis and Mom to wear with our Viking outfits for the wedding.  The best part is, I get to keep the shinies after the wedding!  I came home and made five different strings of beads, and it only took about three hours!  They sparkles, they does.  I could see where this could be quite addicting...

So that's yet another thing I can cross off the to-do list.  Tomorrow I cut out yet another tunic, go fit it, and finish Mom's dress.  Thursday, I go do the final fit on Mom's dress, possibly see the florist, and go see Wolfie's band play.  Friday, I get my hair done and work on stuff.  Saturday, I was just supposed to meet my friend for a quick lunch and shopping trip up here, but now he needs help moving and we have to go all the way down there, which I really don't have time for, but oh well.  That night (or maybe Friday), I need to finish Sis's dress.  Sunday, I need to go to Maine to fit Sis's dress.  Sometime, we need go to Silvermane to pick up a groomsman's gift for Wolfie's brother.  Wolfie's tunic, my dad's tunic, and Brother's tunic still need to be finished, as does my dress.

And my mom was saying "Relax... just show up."  Yeah, right. Mom, you've known me for 35 years now. When did I ever do "relaxed"?

I've had offers of help.  What my well-meaning (and really wonderful) friends don't realize is that they're at least an hour away from me, and it would take me longer to gather everything up and drive down there (not to mention making me burn gas in an un-air-conditioned vehicle) than it would to do everything myself.

It'll all get done.  It all must be done by next Thursday.  I can do this.  I just wish I didn't have to do so much driving by myself.  It's just boring... but Wolfie did say I could have the truck on Sunday.  It has AC.  I won't have to melt on the drive up to Maine.  There's a silver cloud to every lining... or something like that.

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From: nutter4 Date: June 16th, 2004 01:41 am (UTC) (base camp)
Don't fret. From what you've been writing I'm sure you'll get everything done on time, but if for some incident or accident you don't - hey, you're one of the two most important people there. Everyone else should just be grateful to be present. :)

1 trip or shoot the rapids