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life or something like it - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
life or something like it
So life goes on. There is another mouse in the house. At least I think it's still in the house, as I haven't seen any Mathilde-induced carcasses on the floor. Of course, it could be dead and under something and we may not find it for ages. Whatever. As long as it stays out of my Doritos.

Baronial Investiture is this Sunday; looks like there will be a certain amount of riding to be had, which is nice. Other than that, Wolfie and I are leading horses in the processional. I found a market near the house that sells meat pies; I'm going to get one and see how it is for lunch on Saturday. If it's tasty, this could become a staple of our non-household event going. I'm so used to having that kind of support that I often forget about food until we're trying to get out the door to go to the event, and then it's a crisis to try to find stuff to eat that's not too glaringly mundane. I like to go for fried or roast chicken or cold kielbasa and cheese -- I think that's yummy, if a little high-fat. I'm hoping the meat pies are good... it just seems so quintessentially period.

The following weekend is Midsummer/Golden Sword in New Hampshire, which regularly hosts newbie tournaments in heavy fighting and archery, and this year plans to host a newbie equestrian tourney, for riders who are authorized at a walk-trot. I'm not eligible, having my canter authorization, but Wolfie is. Maybe he'll have a good day! :-)

Other than that, there's not much going on. I have a plan for a new bed in my mind; I just need to draw it or maybe build one out of cardboard to show Wolfie what I mean. Not that I'm really worried about it; I've slept on the ground confortably before. It would just be nice to have one at Pennsic, is all.

Oh well. Time to hit the dojo.

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