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Home Again, Home Again - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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Home Again, Home Again
Well, another Panteria has come and gone, and it was not uneventful. After 30 hours of wakefulness on my part, Wolfie and I left my apartment at 4:30 on Friday afternoon. By the time we got to the exit for my parents' house, I had to utilize the facilities, so we stopped there and I did the needful and put some oil in my truck. Back on the road, we got up towards Littleton and I realized that we'd forgotten pillows, so we stopped at Wolfie's house (also more or less on the way) and picked up his pillows.

By this time, rush hour was well and truly underway, so we killed some time in Methuen and got on the road for real at around 8:30. I was about ready to drop, so Wolfie drove almost all the way to Vermont. I woke up when we got close to the border and drove the rest of the way in. We got on site at around 11:30 and had made our camp within an hour.

One thing that perturbed me was that there was a party missing -- Randall and Katherine and their family had not arrived, nor had the woman who was supposed to be bringing three horses for us to ride. Eleanor sat up waiting for them until 2 am. The next morning, they still weren't there, and I didn't know what I was going to do for a horse.

I ended up sharing with Julian, and the horse we had was too busy believing that he was still a stallion, nosing around the mares (almost all the rental horses were pregnant mares), to listen to his riders or participate in the games. I got him over to the start of the challenge course, which I was running with a friend, and he tried to ditch me. It was just a little rear, but everyone said they saw six inches of air between my butt and the saddle, and were convinced that I was coming off. If I hadn't been riding in a McClellan cavalry saddle, I might have. I maintain that I didn't spend all that time and money learning to skate and dance and do karate to have poor balance. :-)

I ended up sharing a horse with Anna and Ekkehardt, and I rode in Anna's saddle. It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever been in -- I really need a nice thick sheepskin to put over my McClellan. We didn't do all that well, but we didn't come in last.

Turns out that Randall and Katherine's van broke down, and Sally (the horse owner) didn't get the vet certs in time to take the horses across state lines. I was disappointed, but at least no one was dead in a ditch.

I'll write more about day two and the East Kingdom Equestrian Championships later... but it was fun!

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