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grumble... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
So I got tossed off a horse last weekend (the 7th). I was riding in a tournament at Baronial Invesiture, and I was on Charm, one of Sally's horses. She's an absolute doll. I was doing an offside spear throw, and was too close to the target. The spear ended up angled across the lane, and Charm ran into it -- it went lengthwise, across, her chest, and below her radar, and she spooked. She spun me out of the saddle and I landed on my right hip. I'd have gotten back up if I hadn't hurt so bad, and I actually think I should have tried, if only to show the populace that I was all right. What with Brion getting thrown and hurt at Panteria and me getting thrown and hurt at Investiture (though hopefully with fewer long-lasting effects), it doesn't make our sport look any more safe. Based on some discussions that were held at Midsummer this weekend, though, I get the feeling that the marshals are going to bag offside spear throws until they can come to a consensus as to how to do it safely. I think it'll end up being a "no-throw" line on the ground -- you pass this line, you don't throw -- but I don't know for sure. Such discussions are being held at "echelons above reality".

My car crapped out over the weekend, too. We thought it was the battery. Replaced that, and it ran fine all weekend. This morning, it died on the way to work. We dropped it off at a mechanic's (cleanest shop I've ever seen in my life... no grease, no dirt, no weird smells...), and they just told me it was the alternator. I had a sneaking suspicion... I can't wait till we get the motorcycle running and me trained up. Today would have been a perfect day for it.

I'm not going to karate today. I had a shitty week last week and a guest over the weekend, and no time to rest and refuel myself properly. I declare it a Day Off for Mommabear.

I deserve it. Nyah.

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