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So Wolfie and I may be cooking one dinner at Pennsic.  He wants to make stew; I think that stew rightfully should have bread of some description to go with it.  There are two ways to go about obtaining this bread.
  1. We could buy it.  Cop-out, IMO; stew is exponentially better with fresh bread. Warm preferably, but merely fresh is good too.

  2. We bake it.

Here we enter into a further decision tree: how do we bake it?  We could...

Use one of these.  I'm reluctant, because not only is it tiny (slightly less than 12" cubed) and therefore would only accept a small baking pan, but it just seems cheesy.  However, it's only $30-35 or so.  Or we could...

Use one of these: a cast iron Dutch oven.  I have every confidence that I could master baking in one of these bad boys; the issue arises around the cost.  I would rather not spend all day watching things bake.  Would it be better to have a larger, more expensive oven and bake everything at once, or a smaller one and commit to spending a couple of hours watching the pot, as it were?  I suppose, given that it only takes about 30 minutes to bake a loaf of bread, I could rotate them in and out fairly quickly, and thus use a smaller pot... but it also means keeping coals going for two hours or more.

I really like the idea of baking over coals with a Dutch oven; it appeals to the closeted authenticist in me.  But is it feasible?  I think I'll talk it through with Wolfie first, then Her Grace.  She may already own a Dutch oven, and save me the expense, in which case I'd just have to practice the recipe once or twice (aw shucks, fresh bread). 

The other upside to using a Dutch oven is that I could also bake goodies like brownies or cake in it, and that's never a bad thing at Pennsic. (...must remember to buy or make large apron -- Anna-sized aprons are too small...)

Ooh!  I just found a recipe for "Colonial Brown Bread" -- and it has no yeast!  (No fat, either, goldsquare, if you use a substitute for the buttermilk.)  I hate having to exclude someone because of diet, and it would be difficult to bake something different for my friend Eibhlin (she can't eat yeast), though I know she'd never expect me to.  And this just sounds tasty.

I really need a mood icon for "ambitious".
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