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i should go to bed...

I have an interview in the morning.  I literally forgot about it until ten minutes ago.  With Wolfie home these last three days, I forgot what day it is.  And now I'm trying to get directions from Mapquest and Yahoo!Maps, and they can't find 8 Technology Drive in Chelmsford because it's not a real road, it's in a fucking industrial park.  grrrrr....

looking at the website... Oh, thank god... They call the location their "Boston Design Center" but it's really the Chelmsford location.  We'll just skip the little part where Chelmsford is like AN HOUR outside of Boston, depending on traffic, mmmkay?  Retards.  Now I'm all cranky about going, because they can't just admit that the Boston Design Center is not actually in Boston.  At least it's easy to find.

I have a lot to do tomorrow, too... I need to go to my interview, return a cooler to Her Grace, get an oil change done in the truck, go to Home Depot (or some other place where I can get an adapter so we can plug a three-pronged plug into a two-prong outlet, yes the house needs rewiring), finish the dishes, and help Wolfie organize the prints for AC.  Thank goodness the laundry is done.  Maybe I'll really get ambitious and make that sausage casserole I've been wanting to make.

I tried to make ice cream in our new ice cream maker tonight.  I didn't buy enough cream, and substituted milk, and it's kinda thin.  It's in the freezer right now.  Hopefully it'll set up and taste all right; otherwise, I guess I'll start over.  I did finally find some ice cream recipes that don't require you to make a custard base, so that's all good.  Can't seem to find the book that came with the make though, which it curious.  Guess it's time to tidy the living room with a garbage bag...

Speaking of which, I tidied my workroom so Wolfie could use my cutting table to cut mats.  Took a lot less time than I thought it would, and I now have a lovely tidy pile of boxes in the corner containing lots and lots of fabric... and I have more fabric in the garage, which I need to go rescue.  I also need to finish assembling the market baskets that I got as a wedding gift and start using them for storage (I'm thinking they'd be perfect for project storage), put the bags for my machines in the closet in the bedroom, and find another storage solution for my tools and notions.  I like the drawer setup I currently have, but I could use more.  I also need shelving, so I can put up things like reference books, the iron, the can of Magic Sizing, a spray bottle... and I need a full-length mirror.  Perhaps if I had one, I'd have noticed how the hem of my wedding dress dipped on one side.  :-)

I need to figure out what projects I'm taking to AC.  I suppose I'll stick with redoing the underarms of Wolfie's green tunic and maybe doing the seam treatments on the bright blue one, and of course I'll take a couple of spindles and fiber.  And if that doesn't keep me busy, I can always go find a yarn shop...

Are ya bored yet?
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