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errands, and the running thereof - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
errands, and the running thereof
Wolfie was supposed to leavbe me the truck this morning so I could take it for a pre-AC oil change, but he forgot.  I'll just have to rouse my lazy butt to do it tomorrow, as I am now shed of my interview wear and have no desire to replace any clothing.  It's amazing how much I really notice the artificial fibers of my interview clothes retaining heat -- I went to Joann Fabrics after the interview and stood around in their AC for twenty minutes, and didn't feel much cooler at all, because the polyester or whatever I was wearing wouldn't let me shed any warmth.

The interview went okay; it was shorter than any of us had expected because the two directors I was supposed to interview with got called into a meeting wit the CEO, so I just met with the office manager and reassured her that I do want to settle into a job and that I have the skills they're looking for.  Apparently  she was impressed that I can code HTML... but she did mention the dreaded FrontPage, which makes my blood run cold (shame that's just a metaphor).  I'd rather write the code by hand than use FrontPage.  I think she wants me to come back in, but we'll see.

So later I have to finish the dishes and organize the prints for Wolfie, and probably get my take-along projects together.  I stopped at Hub Mills Store in Lowell and picked up a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in the Dusk colorway, so maybe I'll start another pair of socks.  As if I didn't have two pair on needles already (though I dislike the yarn in one of them, so it won't break my heart to pull out the needles and run a lifeline through the stitches).

I discovered something nifty today.  I was reading this page, and looking at the PDFs and cutting patterns and all, and discovered that I actually have a good grasp on making Viking clothing for me and Wolfie!  I (gasp, shock, amazement) know what I'm doing!  I need to refine my cutting pattern for my apron dress, but that's easy enough.  I may try Princess Svava's 4-panel plan and see how that looks.  It's cut exactly like the three panel dress, but with the fabric in quarters instead of thirds, which is a lot easier to fold.  I think a paper doll is in order.

I want an undergown as an intermediate layer between the smock and the apron dress.  I'm thinking maybe a Greenland gown, but they seem to be a little late for what I want to do.  I could do a heavier version of the smock, but I want the sleeves to fit more tightly -- I should probably make the smock sleeves a little snugger, too.  Eventually, I may have to figure out curved armholes and set-in sleeves, but not yet.

I have another project to add to the list of things I can bring to do at AC, though -- I could use a couple of linen caps for Pennsic.  I even have some white linen languishing in the workroom.  I think I'll spin up some red embroidery thread and embroider something nifty, and then stitch up a cap or two.

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friscokitty From: friscokitty Date: July 6th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC) (base camp)
Good luck with the job prospect!
esmerel From: esmerel Date: July 6th, 2004 01:15 pm (UTC) (base camp)
augh, now you've made me LOOk AT THE YARN.

I drool. I made a pair of socks for a friend of mine, and she LOVES them (lives in the mountains near Denver - it's cold at night!) and so now I'm gonna make her a bunch for christmas....

That color is really gorgeous.
tashabear From: tashabear Date: July 6th, 2004 01:57 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I wear wool socks at early and late season SCA events, particularly when camping. They keep my feet all kinds of toasty.

I need to do some knitting for my friend's kids though, and make them little Monmouth caps (like they wore in Colonial House). They get awfully cold at events.
3 trips or shoot the rapids