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the latest obsession

In my latest efforts to spin ever finer, I finally found a use for the teensy stone donut spindle I bought at the Colonial Spinning Bee last year.  It works great as a supported spindle to spin the finest yarn I've ever made.  It's still heavier than sewing thread when plied, but it's finer than the orange embroidery thread I posted last week!  I don't know the WPI (whenever I type that and look at it, I keep thinking I should be talking about Worcester Polytechnic Institute), but it's almost frog hair.  Sort of a frog dreadlock.  cue mental cartoon image of Rasta frog with spliff hanging out of the corner of his mouth... cute!

But I digress.  Wanna see a picture?

That's a Pilot Razor Point pen next to it, for scale.  If this spindle were a writing utensil, it would be a very comfortable weight (unlike Cross pens and pencils, which I find too heavy to use).
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