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almost home - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
almost home
Day two of the con has passed without incident. I have thus far managed to get by without whomping the heads off any fanboys, which is good. I have also, thus far, managed to dodge any wonky-tummy-bullets by eating mostly protein and very little sugar, as well as minimal dairy. beerhorse gave me a couple of Lindt truffles when she got here, and they
gave me an insta-headache. I guess it's not just large amounts of sugar anymore, but virtually any sugar, which is sad (though I should evaluate to see if it is better after a meal than on an empty stomach).

Wolfie's sales have ben going well, and he picked up a commission from a guy with a rather extreme kink, so maybe he'll be able to start building a rep as an artist who'll take on the fringe kink commissions other artists won't touch. I know he actually enjoys drawing the stuff, so it's not like he's picking up other artist's crumbs. I think it shows if the artist
doesn't enjoy what he or she is doing.

I got my first Jorvik cap done today, and it looks cute as hell. I need to find something to use for ties, and do a little surgery on the other piece of fabric, then I'll make the other one tomorrow. I don't have to mind anyone's table, and there's really no room for me at Wolfie's table, so I sort of have the day off. I don't even have to get up for breakfast if I don't want to. :-) I can lounge here all day and watch TV and play with the crappy 'net
connection and sew my little cap and by a happy relaxed girl.

I want to go do something Sunday night, just him and me. I'd kinda like to find the Ikea store, if only to see what it's all about (and get a look at some of their inexpensive storage solutions; we need a couple of ways to store towels and fabric and stuff). I dunno. I just want out of the hotel. The con is okay; not the be-all and end-all of good times for me, but interesting, and I'm really ready to go home.

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