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i'm up too late. again. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
i'm up too late. again.
Just finished braiding and sewing the ties ontyo my Jorvik cap, so I have my clothes ready to go for the tourney tomorrow.  Don't know if my feet will be up to much standing; they've been troublesome all week.  It almost feels like I sprained them both.  I'd take my spinning wheel and be "atmosphere" (despite that fact that it's about 1000 years post-period for me), but it's supposed to rain.  Spindles it is.  Wolfie's tunic is all embroidered too... or as embroidered as it's going to get before tomorrow.

I also got about half the thank you notes written for my bridal shower.  Ideally, these would have been written between the shower and the wedding, but as it was only a month, I simply didn't have time, and time's been scarce between the wedding and now as well, but there were rumblings coming from MIL-ward so I thought it best to get them done.

And now, I think I'm sufficiently exhausted and my feet are fucked up enough that they need to go be elevated, so I'm off to bed, since I need to get up get stuff together, and go get pie in the morning. Night, y'all.

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