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Wolfie went out and razed the front yard this morning, and we both went out this evening and started tidying.  I pulled up a bunch of stuff and picked up some of the stems Wolfie hacked off.  I'll grab a rake this week and really give the yard a good going-over.  I want to dig up all the bushes and till everything under, and then lay down a layer of good soil and plant some dye plants.

This is a big thing for me, because I Hate Yardwork.  No, really.  I'll split and haul a cord of wood before I'll mow the lawn.  But I want the yard to look nice(r), and since there's no Magic Yardwork Fairy, it's up to us.  And since I refuse to put forth that much effort and get nothing out of it, I want dye plants.  (I would not want to eat anything grown in my front yard.)  I've narrowed it down to:
PlantDye colors
Hollyhockmauve, purples
Coreopsisyellows, greens
Dyer's Coreopsisyellow, gold, brown
Hardy hibiscus (Rose mallow)reds, purples
St John's Wortgreen, red, purple, yellow

That should give me a wide enough range of colors yielded to be interesting.  They all like sunny soil and a couple thrive on neglect, too, so I'm liking that. Several are annuals, but you can collect the seeds and save them for next year, so that's okay. Seeds aren't that expensive, anyway. I can also get a composting bin from the city if I get really crazy and decide to compost as well.

I've never grown anything in my life. I like animals better than plants because they complain louder when they need something. Plants are all passive-aggressive and just wilt and die rather than actually do anything to get your attention. This should be an interesting experiment. If all else fails, I'll plant a hardy, likes-to-be-ignored-and-will-grow-in-anything ground cover and call it a day. I'd love to put in a raised bed by the back door, but as Wolfie pointed out, that's where we pile snow in the winter. Maybe we can figure something out...
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